Pegasus Tandems

Pegasus Tandems

No longer available. See Home page for full details

Pegasus Tandems has designed a number of tandems which fill gaps in the market left by major bicycle importers. The tandems are generally available for test riding direct from Pegasus Tandems (in Hampton, Melbourne). If you want one for more than an hour, a hire fee will be charged and rebated in the event of subsequent purchase. If you are interested in taking a tandem on The Great Victorian Bike Ride give us a call.

In 2010 a new Pegasus Duet II was designed, manufactured in Tiawan and made available in August. In January 2011 the Pegasus Brumby, an entry level tandem was imported from China and made available from just $690 to $3500. The Pegasus Brumby sets a new Australian benchmark for affordable tandems. Both these new tandems can be made available with variants to suit your requirements. Pegasus Tandems supports Vision Australia in Melbourne in their activities encouraging tandem riding for their clients. We are happy to assist them and similar organizations by making suitable tandems available well below normal retail prices.

brumbyPegasus Brumby - A conventional alloy frame tandem with V brakes

duetPegasus Duet II - High quality touring 30spd flat bar road bike style tandem with hydraulic disc brakes

Geometry of our tandems