Pegasus Tandems

Specifications - Dimensions

BrumbyDuet II
A Captain's stand over 760mm 710mm
B Captain's seat height 920-1090mm 890-1040mm
C Captain's reach 670mm (90mm h/s) 700mm (110mm h/s)
D Stoker's stand over 640mm 615mm
E Stoker's seat height 740-970mm 810-980mm
F Stoker's reach 485-560mm 600-660mm
G Wheel base 1800mm 1845mm
H B/B height 310mm 275mm


* Both bikes are fitted with 350mm seat poles. Greater seat height could be obtained by fitting 400mm or 450mm seat poles which are readily available.

* The Duet II is fitted with a stoker suspension seat pole. The minimum seat height could be reduced by up to 50mm by fitting a standard seat pole.

* The 2nd figure for dimension C indicates the length of the fitted head stem. Alternative length head stems could be supplied.

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